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A charming fashionable summer chiffon dress with beautiful roses and bright colors, with overlapping gradient layers on the chest and over the entire dress, short front and long back with short sleeves and a V-neckline and a V-shaped chest.Material: 100% polyester..
396.00 SAR
A short casual dress suitable for summer of black dress with a shalf cut on one shoulder and hanging the length of the dress, a string over the chest, and a wide cut...
389.00 SAR
A black organza dress, embossed with attractive black and gold tiger patterns, with a wrap on the chest, and a golden crystal belt. The dress is short, without sleeves, has a chest slit, suitable for summer and events and celebrations. It fits thin and full bodiesMaterial: 100% polyester..
419.00 SAR
A black summer dress with a tiger cloth on the shoulders (bare shoulder and a shoulder with a short sleeve) with golden embroidery with black French lace. Suitable for celebrations and events, and suitable for full bodies as well as slim100% polyester..
439.00 SAR
A short sparkly evening dress with long flared sleeves, tie on the chest, v-neckline, and shiny fabric with a beautiful color gradient.Material: 100% polyester..
399.00 SAR
Long dress in soft blue color with lacquer on the side without sleeves and a slit, elegant for all times, charming color and feminine design that highlights your beauty at events and celebrations.Material: 100% polyester..
349.00 SAR
A charming blue dress radiating femininity and elegance. The softness of the chiffon is combined with the delicacy of orange roses, giving the dress this elegant design and subtle details.Material: 100% polyester..
349.00 SAR
Satin occasion dress model 2021 is very elegant with a side cut, pleats on the waist, a V-neckline, open back, shiny and very soft fabric, with a green mint green color that gives an attractive evening look.Material: 100% polyester.  ..
299.00 SAR
A short black dress worn with golden sequins without sleeves has a chest opening with a strap and layers on the side, for an evening look that speaks femininity and beauty.Material: 100% polyester..
439.00 SAR
A short pleated dress in beautiful bright summer colors, a high neck, wide transparent long sleeves, with a small opening in the back and a wide cut with a modern leather belt, very beautiful and feminine.Material 100% polyester..
269.00 SAR
A long black dress without sleeves with golden engravings with a separate golden belt, consisting of two layers, an upper layer of embossed chiffon and an underlayer as the lining, uttering femininity and sobriety and sparkling in all occasions, with the dress a thin golden belt in case of wanting t..
349.00 SAR
A short pleated yellow dress with ruffles on the chest and extended the length of the dress, with a chest opening and a slit in the back, a calm yellow color without sleeves.Material: 100% polyester..
279.00 SAR
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