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A charming fashionable summer chiffon dress with beautiful roses and bright colors, with overlapping gradient layers on the chest and over the entire dress, short front and long back with short sleeves and a V-neckline and a V-shaped chest.Material: 100% polyester..
396.00 SAR
A midi black drapery skirt, wrapped in shiny fabric, is perfect for an evening out or an event.Material: 100% polyester..
219.00 SAR
A short evening skirt with a drop-down cut and two types of materials in bright black color, which gives you a sense of elegance and luxury.Material: 100% polyester..
229.00 SAR
Stylish embossed sleeveless jumpsuit with ruffles on the sleeve and long and wide feet that end with ruffles in a soft fabric and a wide black beltMaterial: viscose..
279.00 SAR
Beige skirt with layers of tulle and chiffon, beautiful and unusual design, elegance in all details, available in black and beig..
369.00 SAR
The sleeveless blouse with a shiny tiger print is suitable for evening and celebrations and at any time with a tie in the middle so that you can make it short or long, and it has a V-shaped chest opening...
219.00 SAR
A short pleated skirt in black and white The skirt is white and has a black sash on the back. You can coordinate it with a blouse or with a white or black T-shirt for a morning look, or a white chiffon or silk top for a beautiful evening look.Material: 100% polyester..
219.00 SAR
blouse in shiny black suitable for evening and anytime with a strap on the waist so that you can make it short or long Material: 100% polyester..
189.00 SAR
A short sparkly evening dress with long flared sleeves, tie on the chest, v-neckline, and shiny fabric with a beautiful color gradient.Material: 100% polyester..
399.00 SAR
A midi-cut, floral blouse, buttons, transparent long sleeves, cheerful floral prints, and a wide bodice.Material: 100% polyester..
199.00 SAR
Black trousers with crepe fabric, ruffles above the knee Material: 100% polyester..
149.00 SAR
A short summer dress without sleeves plaid with squares in white and black with a touch of black French lace, with a chest opening, suitable for parties and events, suitable for thin and full bodies..
219.00 SAR
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