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A beige blouse with golden buttons, a unique design on the neck and on the chest, and has long sleeves that can be shaped and shortened and a soft fabric. You can wear it with the same pants from the Piedra collection, or coordinate it with a skirt, black trousers, brown trousers or blue jean..
119.00 SAR
A black currant blouse with white and golden lines, a V-shaped chest and slot, a glamorous design and a very beautiful summer fabric, for evening and happy occasions.Material: 100% polyester ..
269.00 SAR
A green and blue silk blouse with beautiful geometric configurations. It has long sleeves, buttons and a collar that is suitable for times. It goes with jeans or trousers of similar colors or with black trousers.Material: 100% polyester..
88.00 SAR
A pink pleated blouse with long wide sleeves ending with ruffles and a tie on the neck. It can be worn with jeans for a bright morning look, or with black pants or a narrow black skirt for an evening occasion where the beauty of its details and elegance is revealed...
228.85 SAR
A delicate white blouse with white buttons and a neat collar and ruffles on the chest and sleevesMaterial: 100% polyester..
228.85 SAR
White blouse, a beautiful white top without sleeves with black straps, an open chest and a wide back with black silk embroidery around the lace. It is elegant to wear with any black pants without or with a formal jacket.Material: 100% polyester..
79.00 SAR
A black cotton blouse with white foliage, ruffles on the chest and long puffed sleeves at the top.Material: 100% Viscose..
149.00 SAR
Black t-shirt with a soft fabric and a beautiful design on the chest, you can coordinate it with any pants or skirt from the piadra collection. Material: 100% polyester..
119.00 SAR
The sleeveless blouse with a shiny tiger print is suitable for evening and celebrations and at any time with a tie in the middle so that you can make it short or long, and it has a V-shaped chest opening...
219.00 SAR
A blouse in bright colors, engraved with colorful geometric shapes and yellow balls, and it has a collar and buttons along the length of the blouse and has long sleeves, a classic design blouse that is worn at all times, its calm colors are suitable for work wear and its shiny fabric makes it suitab..
149.00 SAR
A mauve blouse with a set of circles and small white stars, it has long sleeves and a stylish tie on the neck, and a wonderful mix between types of fabrics of soft silk and the sleeve of soft chiffonMaterial: 100 % polyester..
119.00 SAR
blouse in shiny black suitable for evening and anytime with a strap on the waist so that you can make it short or long Material: 100% polyester..
189.00 SAR
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